Sunday, July 20, 2014

Because she said so

"I love her that I'm willing to swallow her mistakes" I shrugged

"I love her that I'm willing to be wronged"   I fidgetted

I sucked in my purturbed atmosphere and finally gave in "I love her and I'm willing to go blind just to bring back the 'The Loud' us"

The only description I have for you is... The elder sister that my parents failed to grant me but cannot really do anything about it. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thought on a book: Eleanor and Park

Spoiler flag raised

Im a lover of contemporary romance, this book was on my recommened page on Goodreads for months already and finally held my hand up and gave it a shot.

I just finished reading the book actually, like 4 minutes ago and decided to make a short review about it before my memory betray me. 

Ive read tons of reviews over GR before starting the page, and it leads me to a conclusion that there are two groups of reviewers - those who gave it a five and those who gave it a one. And where will I stand if you ask? Im non of those because I rated it with three. Which means that Im half satisfied. 

The book was good and heart pumping but theres just something Im kind of expecting to happen but it turned out that it didn't. Although I admit that it moved my ground a little on the later part. My expression was like " what just happened?" My heart's at the edge of breaking then suddenly... Puff! The End.

The ending left me hanging and wanting more of it, like, it broke my heart not because of the the story has ended but how it drastically ended, like end end, with just postcard sent to Park with three words? What the heck are those three words by the way?

Eleanor wasnt the type of character Im into although I see a bit of myself in her, like reading my own dilemma in Rainbow Rowell's book. She's kinda bitter, so down and so, so fragile, like she always almost look miserable all the time. But I think that made her enthralling. While Park, what can I say, there are times that Im impresssed on how he was able to see Eleanor in different ways, in a good way but there were also times that he was just plain judgemental. I hated him on the part where he was  embarassed around Eleanor and the worst part was when her clothes were thrown in the toilet and she got nothing  to wear but her gymsuit. That look on Park's face upon seeing her wanted me to stab him many times over for giving that expression on her. One thing more, how can he even think that Eleanor wrote down those dirty words in her own book?

The main characters both have flaws that made them misfitted. And that's what makes the story a lot absorbing, putting misfit characters together. 

I like the book, I just think the ending is so sudden and broken, and Im a big fan of happy ever after that is why I gave it a three.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

With the theme "Investing in Young People", Teen Ilocano celebrates World Population Day 2014!

See the world: Davao

"Love is sweeter the second time around"


I can finally prove that but not the love-love you are thinking, in my case its Davao. 

The first time I want there, it was my mom's graduation give so yay to that. The best part of the trip was supposed to be the Pearl Farm but then the agency that we paid kinda deceived us,so instead we went to Samal Island. The island was pretty much quite, we didnt really bother for island hoping anymore because we were so pissed. What nakes the samal island worth the day was the Maxima Aqua's lung-ripper slide. Yes, my  lung lobes almost break through my rib cage.

Moving on....

You whats so good with Cebu pacific? Its the piso fare that happens in random schedule but in numerous time. Whats the stake if you ask? The deals are so effin low. *Discount kung discount* So that was the reason we landed to Davao la few weeks back.

We didnt have a plan or itinerary at all, were just like "whatever, just get your ass there" haha! I didnt even bother googling for it, well I did but i guess I didnt pay attention that much, lets just say for the sake of googling. But then when I was dead bored staring in every corner of the waiting lounge I grabbed my found and started taking notes.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thought on a book: Avoiding Series

Spoiler flag raised

Book 1 was so dramatic and scandalous. Inspite of Lexi's feelings with Jack, she still cant see the fact that he's using her. I  so hate Alexi for being so blind, I would say coward for not having the strength to throw jack behind her but no. She cannot see the fact that Jack will never take her as his priority. Yes, he might love her  but that wasnt enough for him to be with her to choose her over the other. Lexi was just so ready to give up what she currently have everytime Jack appears on her front door, leaving the person who seriously cared about her broken and disappointed. Alot of issues and lies happened on the first book. After finishing the book, I realized my brow was almost kissing and left my stomach in knots, then I finally decided to give it another shot. 


Im just so glad I hold onto the second book, it was alot easier to take in. Less drama and more of Lexi-keeping-on-the-tract. I like the fact that Lexi's character remained fragile and one-of-a-kind-girl-who-can-get-the-man-who-laid-eyes-on-her-fall-madly-in-love. And that was Ramsey. I like all about him. You know what what they say that men are supposed to be strong and protective? Well that's Ramsey and owning not just ordinary clubs but strip clubs, I think that gives him the badboy vibe which totally suits his character. 

What I like about them is that they listen to each other and give one another a chance. I admire the fact they always give each other another shot and they accepted each others flaw. No matter how Jack wronged Lexi, Ramsey's feelings for her is so genuine that her affairs with Jack and some other rebound guys didnt overthrown what he have for her. While Lexi, inspite her past and how broken she is, she still manage to take in Ramsey's failed relationship that sets her into more broken pieces. They are each others death but they are each others strenght.

I love their chemistry. Im still crossing my fingers for a book three��

Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Detour: from easy humpless to rough bumpy road

You know that moment when you have no single clue on what to do next? That particular moment when you just stop moving and wonder where will it take you if you took a different path, like what could have been or where could ive been, something alot like that.

Few years back, I always find myself not wanting to move away from my family, not wanting to serve other people but only my countrymen. Do I sound overly dramatic already? Ah, hell yeah! But I dont care right now. Recently, I found myself wondering, No, not just wondering but hoping that in an ample of time I can get myself somewhere but not here, somewhere where I can move freely without hesitation, somewhere I can really be myself. Im itching to land a job somewhere away from home, although it'll be alot harder, I still want to move away, find a job, feed myself, and live with no bounderies. 

I love my family, alot. They are my foundation and will always be in my priority. I want to serve them, provide not just their needs but also their wants, spoil them. But, I want to live in my own choices with my own rules. I want to live without worrying anything like curfew and stuff. I dont blame them because they are just worried, but hey... They tend to do it over the top sometimes that I cannot even get my ass out from the house without interogations. Huh! You might say Im a bit harsh and overly demanding, but I dont think I can be able to explore more possibilities with all those eyes pressed hard on me. I want them to let loose a little. 

So now, Ive reached the point where its not just something that I need to do but its something that Im itching, dying and cant wait to do. I need this and its been a long struggle already. I want a moment with my own, I want a life that is far different from what I have right now. Its not that i dislike what I am and have right now, but I want to do things on my own, fall, fail on my own and being able to stand and soar on my own hardship. 

I love them so much but I think i need this, I know I have to do this!